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About Taqwa


Taqwa Halal Foods is a regulated specialty halal meats processor based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Uniquely, it is the only halal meat processing facility in the Province serving a growing specialty meats market with good prospects for growth.

Responding to a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment and global economic shifts, a five-year dual strategy was adopted in 2006: one aimed at organic growth through vertical integration and the other focused on diversification. Strong relationships with value chain partners with a solid track record in food processing and distribution, the company supplies a niche range of halal foods and products across Western Canada, from small retail specialty stores, and public and private institutions to large food processors and retail chains.

Our Values

We honour Allah and strive to conduct ourselves honestly, ethically and with integrity. We respect each other, our customers and other stakeholders in a warm spirit of community and cooperation, dedicated to better social cohesion and a safe work environment. We serve and protect our natural environment, the animals and land entrusted to us with a firm commitment to personal responsibility and accountability. We strive for personal growth and excellence, continual learning and self-improvement both collectively as a organization and individually as members of our community. In pursuit of excellence we want our actions to reflect our values and demonstrate our commitment to our ideals.

Our Vision

To be the preferred food processor of choice through consistent, sustainable profitable growth aimed at domestic and export markets for high quality specialty, natural, organic, fresh and further processed meat products.

Our Mission

A company of diverse people working together to produce quality meat products by driving operational and delivery excellence that assures customer satisfaction through superior quality and value, and by engaging our customers to invest in our people, products and processes.



Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group prides itself on its strong commitment to social responsibility, playing an active part in community affairs through ongoing outreach programs engaging all community stakeholders. There is measurable contribution to domestic and national economic development through its activities.

To producers, suppliers, distributors, customers – value-chain partners – it plays a role in their economic growth, helping to create and sustain jobs, secondary processing of products for retail consumers and stimulating innovation. In choosing its value-chain partners, PMM encourages the use of local suppliers in procurement to the maximum extent possible, applying a best practices selection methodology that ensures a fair and transparent process for its supplier community.

There is strong support for institutional customers – in the academic and educational field, corrections services and health industry among others. Adopting Fair Trade Practices, the Group is an active participant in the BC Halal Monitoring Committee (www.bcma.com) to objectively promote the consumption of authentic halal foods and to safeguard the sanctity of the Halal symbol in commercial transactions. This Committee works closely with other institutions such as the Halal Monitoring Authority managed and administered by the Council of Muslim Theologians of Canada (www.jucanada.com).

The Group supports the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice (‘Eid-ul-Adha’), a yearly event to mark the end of the Hajj Pilgrimage. Other community services include ‘hakika’ or ‘aqeeqah’, a sacrificial ceremony for a newborn child as well as donations ‘sadaqa’ to community initiatives. In addition, the Group supports interfaith festivities at Easter and Christmas when there is high demand for lambs.


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Easy to Cook

Farm Fresh Meats

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